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We are your specialist when it comes to getting your business ready for the next business day. You close, we come in and make sure everything is clean, wiped down, trash out, glass sparkling and when you come in the next day you can expect that clean office smell.

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We understand the process when it comes to cleaning hotels and the standards for the guest to arrive to enjoy their stay with you.

Medical Offices

We are highly knowledgable when it comes to sanitizing medical offices. We are OSHA Certified and Bloodborne Pathogen trained.

Shops & Retail

Keeping a clean high-traffic area every day helps increase your perceived value for your customers that leads to more sales.

Law Offices

We are highly confidential in where we clean and work hard to protect our clients. Your clients and staff will enjoy a clean office every day.

Fitness Centers

Any type of Health Club has to be throughly cleaned prior to the next business day. We will sanitize the gym space to everyones satisfaction and lessen the potential spreading of illnesses.


We can’t think of a more high-traffic area then your local bars and restaurants. One of the top complaints from customers is cleanliness of the bathrooms and eating space.

School Facilities

With all the sickness that can be exposed in schools, we can get the space clean daily ensuring a healthy and safe environment for children to learn in and educators to work in.


No one wants to go out in public and feel like it’s not safe for them to relax at the cinema or any area that the public exposes themselves to germs and bacteria. No more sticky floors!

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“It is extremely important that I choose the right company to clean our facilities! They have to have attention to detail and be there when I need them.”

OSHA Certified

We are OSHA Certified & currently in training for Blood-borne Pathogens in part of our continuing education program.

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