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The Facts About A Clean Office

25% of water coolant buttons are considered serious risk for illness transmission

Office telephones have around 25,000 germs per square inch

Office desks have been found to be more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat

Bacteria count increase by up to 31% per day on surfaces that aren’t regularly disinfected

98% of workers are affected by minor or major diseases due to unclean surrounding

Only about 25% of office workers believe their offices are being cleaned as effectively as possible.

A Helping Hand Cleaners
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How Does A Clean Office Create A Return On Your Investment?

  • We help reduce the amount of time workers are out sick.

  • We help reduce the stress levels of your employees leading to higher productivity.

  • We help keep the staff focused and on task.

  • We help boost morale by increasing pride in the workplace.

Contact us Today | Receive 20% OFF Your First Service.

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About Us

A Helping Hand Cleaning Service has been in business since 2010 but have been cleaning professionally for 30 years. We are:

Quick to Respond

We know that when you reach out it’s important. We pride ourselves that we call back often times within 1 business hour.

Chemical Experts

We use the right chemicals for the right job – whether we are cleaning dirt, or blood, or urine, or you name it!

Job Done Right

We get the job done right the first time. With special attention to detail. If there is ever any issue reach out to us immediately and we will rectify the issue.

We Are Experts At Cleaning Medical Facilities

We know that your patients need a clean and sanitary environment to receive care. It matters for the quality of the care you provide and it matters for the perception of your client.

We Use Safe & Tested Chemicals

We use spartan chemicals to clean. The chemicals we use get your surfaces clean and don’t leave any residue. You can be certain that we clean your space with care and integrity.

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