Commercial Cleaning for Covid-19

We are experts in cleaning medical offices and equipment. Many medical offices around Delmarva trust us to deliver only the cleanest and safest surfaces day in and day out.

We are trusted because we use appropriate disinfectants for the job.

Our Staff is highly trained and have gone through rigorous training for COVID-19 specifically.

Our products are FDA and EPA approved.

We use only the best standards when applying chemicals.


Now that more and more businesses are opening, it is more important than ever to think of prevention instead of treatment. A Helping Hand Cleaning Services are prepared to help you prevent any outbreak as well as clean up after exposure.


It is vital to your employees, customers, patients, or patrons that they feel safe in your facility. Choosing A Helping Hand Cleaning Services will go a long way to providing peace of mind.

  • We will work with you to create an extensive plan utilizing EPA approved chemicals.
  • That plan could be daily, weekly or monthly cleanings depending on your facility and situation.
  • We will ensure that all hard surfaces are cleaned properly.


If you facility has been exposed to COVID-19 then you need to act quickly. AHH will be there to help get you through it. We will do a thorough inspection where we have multiple ways to clean such as:

ULV Fogging: Coverage for walls, floors, and other horizontal surfaces.

Full Wiping: A full cleaning using FDA approved disinfectants to kill the COVID virus.

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